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Household Compositions

Developments in household compositions are reflections of other demographic processes such as the birth rate, the marriage and divorce behaviours and the increasing life expectancy. Also, the polarization of living arrangements and the further prevalence of living arrangements such as “living apart together” have effects on the composition of households.

At present there are approximately 40.8 million households in Germany, about 5.5 million more than in the year 1991. A tendency towards a continuous decrease in household size is developing, which reached a value of 2 persons per household in 2015 – compared with 2.27 in the year 1991. The number of one- and two-person households is rising, while that of larger households is decreasing.

The facts portrayed in this section are based on the results of the microcensus, whereby this mainly surveyed private households or household members of private households in the town of their main and secondary residence.

The Microcensus results are extrapolated on the basis of the population extrapolation. The extrapolation as of 2011 is based on the results of the extrapolation derived from the census of 2011.

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