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Pinsel und Malerpalette mit bunten Farben (refer to: BiB Website Gets a Fresh Look)

RelaunchBiB Website Gets a Fresh Look

The focus of the relaunch is on a more modern design and an optimised navigation. The English version will still be extended and extensively revised in the next weeks.

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Chart of the MonthLarge Families Have Become Rare

Over the past few decades, the proportion of women with three children or more has dropped continuously. This is the result of an investigation carried out by the BiB, in which the final numbers of children of women upon completion of their reproductive period were compared. more: Large Families Have Become Rare …

The bar chart illustrates the Women according to the number of children. (refer to: Large Families Have Become Rare)

Chart of the MonthHow Tiger and Dragon Influence Reproductive Behaviour

In some parts of Asia, Chinese astrology with its twelve signs of the zodiac has a strong impact on the reproductive behaviour. Indicators of this are noticeable fluctuations in the annual numbers of live births. more: How Tiger and Dragon Influence Reproductive Behaviour …

The picture shows a bar chart which illustrates the deviation of birth rates in Taiwan compared to the 12-year average. (refer to: How Tiger and Dragon Influence Reproductive Behaviour)

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