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The Federal Institute for Population Research (BiB) investigates the causes and consequences of demographic change with the aim of providing policy advice and information to the public.


In addition to constant observation of demographic trends, thematic priorities of the main research areas are family and fertility, migration and mobility as well as demographic change and ageing. As part of its basic research, the BiB also conducts its own data collection. more: Research …

Research (refer to: Research)

Political Counselling

The research results of the BiB form the basis for advising the Federal Government and the Federal Ministries. The Institute provides information, interprets demographic trends and carries out scientific assessment. Political counselling also includes supporting the Federal Government in international cooperation on population issues within the framework of the United Nations. more: Political Counselling …

Political Counselling (refer to: Political Counselling)

Information Supply

Research findings are disclosed, among others, through a large number of own publications addressing different target groups. In addition, more than 450 graphs, maps and charts provide information on demographic facts about Germany, Europe and the world. more: Information Supply …

Information (refer to: Information Supply)

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