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NameResearch Area
Aeverman, Dr. TimScientific Assistant to the Director
Brehm, Dr. UtaFamily and Fertility
Cihlar, Dr. VolkerDemographic Change and Ageing
Diabaté, Dr. SabineFamily and Fertility, Head of Research Group Leitbild Research
Ette, Dr. AndreasMigration and Mobility, Head of Research Group International Migration
Fiedler, Dr. ChristianPublic Relations
Guedes Auditor, JeanMigration and Mobility
Halfar, YvonneDemographic Portal
Konzelmann, Dr. Laura Demographic Change and Ageing
Kraus, ElisabethMigration and Mobility
Kühntopf, Dr. StephanDemographic Portal
Lück, Dr. DetlevFamily and Fertility, Head of Research Group Childlessness and Large Families
Lux, LindaFamily and Fertility
Mergenthaler, Dr. AndreasDemographic Change and Ageing, Head of Research Group Ageing and Mortality
Micheel, FrankDemographic Change and Ageing
Mühlichen, MichaelDemographic Change and Ageing
Mueller, Prof. Dr. Dr. med. UlrichDemographic Change and Ageing, Head of Research Group Mortality Follow-Up of the German National Cohort (GNC)
Naderi, RobertFamily and Fertility
Panova, RalinaFamily and Fertility
Passet-Wittig, Dr. JasminFamily and Fertility
Ruckdeschel, KerstinFamily and Fertility
Rüger, Dr. HeikoMigration and Mobility, Head of Research Group Job-Related Spatial Mobility
Sackreuther, InesDemographic Change and Ageing
Sauer, Dr. LenoreMigration and Mobility
Scharein, Dr. Manfred G.Family and Fertility
Schiefer, KatrinFamily and Fertility
Schumann, AlmutFamily and Fertility
Skora, ThomasMigration and Mobility
Stawarz, Dr. NicoMigration and Mobility
Sulak, HarunDemographic Change and Ageing
Swiaczny, Frank (on leave)Demographic Change and Ageing
Waibel, StineMigration and Mobility
Weinmann, MartinMigration and Mobility
Wenzel, LauraMigration and Mobility
Werdecker, Dr. AndreaDemographic Change and Ageing
Westerman, Dr. RonnyDemographic Change and Ageing
Witte, Nils, PhDMigration and Mobility
Central Services
Hamann, WiebkeExecutive Assistant
Zender, NicoleAdministrative office
Drögemeier, IlkaAdministrative office
Toporowitz, HubertAdministration
Gückel, BernhardEditorial office (Population Research Bulletin and BiB website), information service
Steinmetz, SybilleEditorial office (BiB publications and BiB website), data processing and chart publishing
Brunner, UlrikeEditorial office (BiB and Demografieportal website)
Audy, JuttaProject administration (Mortality Follow-Up of the German National Cohort (GNC)
Feiler-Fuchs, BeatrizLayout (Comparative Population Studies)
Murena, SigridAdministrative services, library
Beyer, IngeborgAdministrative services
Müller, BrittaAdministrative services

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