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2018.01.31New Book on Population Development in Korea and Germany

Cover “Demographics of Korea and Germany”

The volume is based on a cooperation project between the BiB and the Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs (KIHASA). The objective was to review demographic developments in Germany since reunification in order to provide guidance on the situation in a possibly reunited Korea. In this sense, this book provides an overview of demographic affairs in Germany concerning fertility development, mortality and migration since reunification.

It becomes clear that the demographic situation has not only been determined by factors related to unification, but that other long-term demographic factors (such as the second demographic transition) have also had an impact, for instance, on fertility development.

Is there any demographic comparability between the two countries?

From the point of view of South Korea, there are signs that the separation situation of the two Koreas in political, cultural and emotional terms cannot be compared with the situation in Germany. Whereas German unification was an unprecedented risk, the possible integration of the two Korean states into a unity and common society will, by comparison, entail far more uncertainties than certainties. Therefore, it is considered impossible to predict the failure or success of the process from a South Korean research perspective. Nevertheless, an integrative approach can provide ideas for possible situations and options for action through interdisciplinary exchange. Even if demographic development in Korea is an important aspect of a possible unification process, the question of financial viability (in view of the economic situation in North Korea) remains one of the future key issues for a future unification.

Bernhard Köppen, Norbert F. Schneider (2018): Demographics of Korea and Germany. Population Changes and Socioeconomic Impact of two Divided Nations in the Light of Reunification. Opladen, Berlin, Toronto: Barbara Budrich Publishers.

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