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Volume 46

Health Among the Elderly in Germany

New Evidence on Disease, Disability and Care Need

by Gabriele Doblhammer (ed.)

Beiträge zur Bevölkerungswissenschaft Vol. 46, 2015, 214 pages; Opladen, Berlin, Toronto: B. Budrich

ISBN: 978-3-8474-0606-8 (hardcover)
ISBN: 978-3-8474-0288-6 (ebook)

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Whether increasing life expectancy leads to better health remains still controversial. Three topics are explored:

  1. vanguard groups which inform about possible levels of health if the general social and environmental conditions were to approach those of the vanguard group;
  2. the social and behavioral determinants of health differentiated into proximal and distal factors;
  3. vulnarable groups such as migrants and the health differences between migrant groups.

Newly available population-based data as well as new study designs and advanced statistical modelling form the basis for the empirical analyses.

Table of Contents

Gabriele Doblhammer:

Alexander Barth, Gabriele Doblhammer, Dorly J. H. Deeg:
Welfare state and disability. The relationship between stroke and disability depends on the health system

Gabriele Doblhammer, Thomas Fritze, Stefan Teipel:
Spatial patterns of dementia prevalence and its vascular risk factors in Germany

Andreas Mergenthaler:
Community, volunteering, and health in mid- and older adulthood: Evidence from a longitudinal sample of the German Ageing Survey (DEAS)

Olga Grigorieva:
Do education levels influence incidence and prevalence of long-term care among the elderly in Germany? Evidence from the German Microcensus Panel data (2001-2004)

Daniel Kreft:
Spatial patterns in German long-term care and their relationship with socioeconomic factors

Anne Fink:
Dementia and long-term care – an analysis based on German health insurance data

Marie Carnein, Nadja Milewski, Gabriele Doblhammer, Wilma J. Nusselder:
Health inequalities of immigrants: Patterns and determinants of health expectancies of Turkish migrants living in Germany

Nadja Milewski, Gabriele Doblhammer:
Mental health among immigrants: Is there a disadvantage in later life?

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