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Research Area: Family and Fertility

Research Director: Dr. Martin Bujard

Germany’s Total Fertility Rate (TFR) has been ranging between 1.3 and 1.5 births per woman for decades, making it a low-fertility country with considerable demographic change and ageing. Simultaneously, families have also been experiencing fundamental changes, resulting from the diversification of life forms and the dissemination of dual-earner couples. The research area ‘Family and Fertility’ aims to contribute to explaining these demographic and familial changes and to identify group-specific differences and recent developments.

Research Group: Leitbild Research

The research group examines cultural conceptions of a family, referred to as ‘Leitbilder’, and their implications to family life. ‘Leitbilder’ are motifs for normal or ideal family life. These notions are typically perceived to be natural, they are not questioned, and yet they shape family life substantially. more

Research Group: Childlessness and Large Families

The research group is concerned with two processes: increasing childlessness on the one hand and decreasing numbers of large families on the other hand. The two processes in combination are responsible for the decline in birth rates in Germany over the course of the recent decades. However, they are developing in different ways. And, at least partly, they have different causes which the research group has set out to comprehend. more

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