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Research Area: Demographic Change and Ageing

Research Director: Dr. Evelyn Grünheid

Demographic developments in Germany are leading to considerable changes in the population structure. The rising longevity and ageing of the population as well as the regional differences between regions that are still growing and already shrinking have effects on all aspects of policies and will continue to be major challenges for industry and society in future decades. This development is reinforced by the cohorts with a high birth rate, the so-called “baby boomers,” who will enter retirement age starting in the year 2020. Three research groups analyse these changes and developments for society and individuals.

Research Group: Demographic Change

The research group observes long-term demographic trends in Germany, Europe and the world with a focus on regional and comparative perspectives. more

Research Group: Ageing

In the study “Transitions and Old Age Potential” (TOP) , the research group examines the transition to retirement and old age potential of the 1942 to 1958 cohorts in Germany. more

Research Group: Mortality-Follow-Up of the German National Cohort (GNC)

The research group supplements the mortality research being done at the Federal Institute for Population Research with epidemiological and biomedical aspects. It analyses the course and the causes of mortality development and anticipates new findings to help avoid premature deaths in future. more

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