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Family-Related Leitbilder in Germany

Content and Objectives

The objective of the BiB’s leitbild research is to clarify the ways that leitbilder influence people’s desire to have children and their family life. The background is that research on fertility trends has not yet been able to explain satisfactorily why the fertility level in Germany remains low.

Our assumptions suggest that family planning is also influenced by leitbilder, in other words by specific ideally typical notions about what a family should look like, how big it should be, at what age people should begin a family or how responsibilities should be divided up among the family members. The aim of the BiB study on family-related leitbilder is therefore to identify predominant family-related leitbilder in Germany that influence relationships, parent-child relationships and, ultimately, also the desire to have children or the decision to have or not have (more) children.

Data and Methods

Our empirical basis is the German representative panel study Familienleitbilder (FLB) – Concepts of Family in Germany (first wave: 2012; second wave: 2016) of the BiB, complemented by a qualitative study called Family in Pictures and an international comparison with France and Hungary.



Selected Publications

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More Publications

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