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International Secondment Mobility in a Family Context

Content and Objectives

In the course of increasing global social and economic networking, international secondment mobility has grown continuously more important over past decades. Although there have been comparatively frequent studies about deployments in private industry, there have not been many in the public sector. Therefore, this research project takes a look at secondment in the public sector using the example of Germany’s diplomatic service.

Rotation abroad in the Foreign Service constitutes a specific form of work-related spatial mobility. We examine both the conditions and consequences of (successfully) dealing with international mobility for the deployed individuals and the interdependencies at the interface between the family and the job. We also research the causes and consequences of mobility in the context of the family and at the family level.

Data and Methods

The project is based on the datasets for employees, partners, children as well as couples and families from the late 2011 study Mobility Skills in the Foreign Service. They use a standardised, online-based survey of employees of the German Foreign Service as well as their life partners and children (N=3,313). The study was conducted in cooperation with the Psychosoziale Beratungsstelle of the Foreign Office Health Service.


Federal Foreign Service
Berlin, Germany

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More Publications

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