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Needs for Female Immigrants and Their Integration in Ageing Societies (FEMAGE)

Content and Objectives

This project aims to generate knowledge about obstacles and needs for a better economic and social integration and emancipation of female immigrants in a life-course perspective, identify requirements for integrative interaction between immigrants and national population in the host country, build this knowledge into a platform for the policy deliberations among key policy stakeholders, and elaborate recommendations on needs for immigrants and support policies and services for their integration in view of population ageing in Europe.

The comprehensive method of approach encapsulates findings from a small scale targeted survey of immigrant women, it capitalises on the already gathered but unexplored data among nationals of 8 member states (Germany, Austria, Finland, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Estonia) regarding migration and integration of immigrants, and involves the key stakeholders in the policy deliberations in view to identify challenges to integration and expected needs for future immigration policies.

The project directly addresses female third-country nationals residing in 8 EU countries. It will record their experiences, needs, attitudes and expectations concerning immigration and integration policies and practices and viewpoints regarding their own old age.

The expected benefits are at the level of elaboration of facilitative measures for economic and social integration of immigrant women, mobilization of a broad population base in the host countries in view to foster better understanding of the long-term needs for migrants and their integration in ageing societies, consultations of stakeholders, and mobilization of the critical mass of institutions and researchers to gain new knowledge to improve integration processes and services in the framework of the Lisbon agenda.

Data and Methods

All analyses are based on the Population Policy Acceptance Study (PPAS).




  • Belgium
    Population and Social Policy Consultants
    Dragana Avramov; Robert Cliquet
  • Estonia
    Estonian Interuniversity Population Research Centre
    Asta Põldma; Allan Puur
  • Finland
    Population Research Institute Väestöliitto
    Ismo Söderling
  • Austria
    Vienna Institute of Demography / Austrian Academy of Sciences
    Dimiter Philipov; Richard Gisser; Katrin Fliegenschnee
  • Poland
    Central European Forum for Migration Research
    Marek Kupiszewski; Izabela Korys
  • Slovenia
    Sociomedical Institute / Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts
    Majda Černič Istenič; Duška Kneževic Hocevar
  • Czech Republic
    Masaryk University
    Ladislav Rabušic; Kateřina Danielová; Irena Kašparová
  • Hungary
    Hungarian Demographic Research Institute
    Zsolt Spéder; Attila Melegh


The FEMAGE project was funded by the European Commission in the 6th Framework Programme as a “specific targeted research or innovation project” under the priority 8.1.


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