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Completed Projects

Here, you will find descriptions of projects that were completed in recent years, including results and publications thereof.

Completed Projects on Family and Fertility
Fertility of Female Turkish Immigrants
Fertility of Female University Graduates in the Context of Structural Change
Impact of Different Pathways to Marriage on Fertility
Impact of Social Benefits on the Fertility of Germans and Turkish Immigrants
Influence of the Self-Reported Economic Situation on Family Extension
Joint Lifetime of Family Generations in Germany
Learning to See with a Child's Eyes: New Perspectives for Family Policy
Marriages in Germany
Completed Projects on Migration and Mobility
Transnational Educational Mobility
Demographic Effects of Migration in the German Länder
International Migration of Germans
Needs for Female Immigrants and Their Integration in Ageing Societies
Selective Internal Migration in Eastern Germany
Settlement Intentions of New Immigrants in Germany
Completed Projects on Ageing, Health and Mortality
Extension of Working Life: Conditions, Consequences and Chances
Health Effects of Volunteering
Images of Retirement and Ageing from a Theoretical Perspective
Loneliness in Elderly Turkish Immigrants in Germany
Occupation Development of Elderly People in Germany since 1990
Completed Projects on Other Demographic Topics
DIALOG / Population Policy Acceptance Study (PPAS)
Future Challenges for Labour Market Policies in the German Länder
Impact of Demographic Developments on Security Policy
Impact of the Demographic Change on the Federal Administration

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