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Job Mobilities and Family Lives in Europe

Modern Mobile Living and its Relation to Quality of Life

The survey Job Mobilities and Family Lives in Europe – Modern Mobile Living and its Relation to Quality of Life (JobMob) is an international comparative research project which focuses on the spread, the causes and the consequences of job-related spatial mobility in Europe.

The first wave of the survey was conducted in 2007 in six countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, Spain and Switzerland. 7,220 randomly selected people have been interviewed. Funded by the European Commission, the study was realised within a network of cooperation by researchers from the participating countries. The coordination of the project was undertaken by Prof. Norbert Schneider, then professor at the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, now director of the BiB.

The objective of the first wave of the survey was to describe the spread of job-related spatial mobility (e.g. daily long-distance commuting, weekly commuting and relocating) on the basis of representative data. Beyond that, gaining detailed information on the causes of job-related spatial mobility and its consequences on the subjective well-being, family life and social participation is aimed.

A second wave (n=1,735) was conducted in Germany in 2010 as well as in France, Spain and Switzerland in 2011 and 2012. Aside from re-interviewing the participants from the first wave, an additional survey (oversampling) of first-time interviewed highly mobile persons was carried out in Germany and France (n=499). The second wave features a collection of extensive retrospective data about spatial mobility, employment, partnership and family. Furthermore, it includes new contents with topics such as social integration, volunteerism and social mobility.


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