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The Challenge of Demographic Transition

Demographic transition is one of the major challenges for policymakers, administrations, industry, regional and local governments as well as every individual in our society. We can assume that the demographic challenges we face will continue to increase in the near future. The consequences of population ageing and shrinkage will only become tangible to their full extent about the year 2020 when the baby boom cohorts of the later 1950s and 1960s enter retirement. The perceptible changes in the age structure will lastingly impact societal institutions as well as everyday life for both young and old. Research of the causes and consequences of demographic developments in Germany will continue to be the central scientific mission of the Federal Institute for Population Research in future.
Therefore, the activities of the institute are characterised by demographic research, policy consulting and informing the public about demographic issues.

The research focuses on three general topics:

Within these three research areas, comparative European studies as well as differential analyses of regional and socio-structural disparities take centre stage.

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