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European Population Conference 2014

Date 05 Jun 2014

Focusing on the topic "Transitions: Opportunities and Threats" this year's European Population Conference (EPC) will take place from 25-28 June 2014 in Budapest (Hungary) and is being organised by the EAPS and the HDRI.

Researchers from the BiB will present the results of their research projects as well:

Topic 3: Families and households
Session 51: Labour force participation and family
Ralina Panova: Attitudes towards parental employment [Abstract]
(with Isabella Buber-Ennser, Wittgenstein Centre)

Topic 4: Life course
Session 101: Childlessness, fertility and employment
Heiko Rüger: Relating migration and commuting histories to fertility histories using multi-channel sequence analysis [Abstract]
(with Gil Viry, University of Edinburgh)

Topic 7: International migration and migrant populations
Session 84: Migration intentions of immigrants and natives
Andreas Ette: Tackling Germany’s demographic skills shortage: permanent settlement intentions of the recent wave of labour migrants [Abstract]
(with Lenore Sauer, BiB, and Barbara Heß, BAMF)

Poster session 2:
Andreas Ette: Germany’s new culture of welcome: changing opportunity structures and the labour market integration of new immigrants [Abstract]
(with Lenore Sauer, Harun Sulak, BiB, and Rabea Mundil-Schwarz, Federal Statistical Office)
Katrin Schiefer: Family formation processes in Eastern and Western Germany. How important are regionally diverse values? [Abstract]
(with Robert Naderi, BiB)
Heiko Rüger: Gender specific effects of international mobility on family formation: evidence from the German Diplomatic Service [Abstract]
(with Stine Waibel, Julika Hillmann and Norbert F. Schneider, BiB)

Topic 4: Life course
Session 42: Economic crisis, uncertainty and fertility
Norbert F. Schneider: Chair
Session 101: Childlessness, fertility and employment
Jürgen Dorbritz: Chair

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