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Consequences of Low Fertility and Social Differences in Infant Mortality – CPoS 2/2015 Available

Date 17 Jun 2015

The new issue 2/2015 of Comparative Population Studies (CPoS), our peer-reviewed scientific journal, has been released and includes two articles written by BiB researchers: Martin Bujard shows the consequences of eduring low fertility in Germany, whereas Michael Mühlichen focuses on the development of infant mortality in terms of social differences in a northern German port city in the 19th century.

The articles of the 2/2015 issue can be read and downloaded on the CPoS website.

Table of Contents

Michael Windzio, Can M. Aybek:
Marriage, Norm Orientation and Leaving the Parental Home: Turkish Immigrant and Native Families in Germany

Martin Bujard:
Consequences of Enduring Low Fertility – A German Case Study: Demographic Projections and Implications for Different Policy Fields

Hannes Weber:
Could Immigration Prevent Population Decline? The Demographic Prospects of Germany Revisited

Michael Mühlichen, Rembrandt D. Scholz, Gabriele Doblhammer:
Social Differences in Infant Mortality in 19th Century Rostock: A Demographic Analysis Based on Church Records

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