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Looking Back: A Special Report and an Interview about the EPC 2016 in Mainz

Date 20 Oct 2016

Subsequent to the European Population Conference, Professor Norbert F. Schneider – the director of the BiB – told in an interview with Population Research Bulletin what he has learned from the conference about the situation and orientation of international demographic research. He stressed that demographic research in Europe and worldwide is becoming better and better in qualitative terms. "The conference made it clear that the range of topics covered is becoming increasingly broader," he says.

With over 500 talks in 123 sessions, the EPC presented an enormous variety of topics that can hardly be documented in their entirety. We therefore focus on selected topics that are receiving a great deal of attention, not only in demographic research. These include the fields of fertility and family, migration, mortality and ageing, and policy implications of the demographic transition. Our goal is to provide an overview of important topics and, ultimately, to convey, at least in these fields, a (brief) impression of the variety of research subjects.

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