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BiB Daten- und Methodenberichte 1/2013

Date 08 Aug 2013

Job Mobilities and Family Lives in Europe: Documentation of the Panel Dataset

by Thomas Skora, Heiko Rüger and Norbert F. Schneider

This data documentation describes the realisation of the second wave of the study Job Mobilities and Family Lives in Europe – Modern Mobile Living and its Relation to Quality of Life and the basic structure of the panel data thus obtained. A first wave was conducted in 2007 in six European countries: Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Poland and Belgium. Overall, 7,220 randomly selected individuals were interviewed. The study focused on three main aspects: firstly, on the prevalence and variety of jobrelated spatial mobility in Europe, secondly, on the causes and circumstances of people’s mobility decisions, and thirdly, on the consequences of job-related spatial mobility for subjective well-being, family life, occupational career and social integration. Between 2010 and 2012, a follow-up survey was carried out in four countries: Germany, Spain, Switzerland and France. 1,735 respondents of the initial survey could be interviewed again (overall response rate: 34.5 %). The panel structure provides a deeper insight into the mentioned research interests by providing an opportunity for longitudinal analysis. Moreover, this opportunity is enhanced by a collection of extensive retrospective data about spatial mobility, employment, partnership and family. Furthermore, the second wave includes new contents with topics such as social integration, volunteerism and social mobility. This documentation features a description of the forms of mobility investigated, the contents of the questionnaire, the sampling procedure, the fieldwork, the sample drop-outs and the weighting of the data.

URN: urn:nbn:de:bib-dmb-2013-013

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