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BiB Working Paper 4/2015

Date 28 Apr 2015

Sozialwissenschaftliche Daten zur Erforschung von Kinderlosigkeit und Kinderreichtum?

[Data in Social Sciences for the Research on Childlessness and Large Families]

by Kai Dreschmitt and Robert Naderi

The paper examines the current range of data in social science regarding the phenomena of childlessness and large families, and outlines which limitations these data contain. A number of sources are presented, such as the Panel Analysis of Intimate Relationships and Family Dynamics (PAIRFAM), the Job Mobilities and Family lives in Europe study (JobMob), the Sozio-oekonomisches Panel (SOEP) and the Eurobarometer. Several aspects of these and other studies are analysed, such as the age group, the sample size and the breadth of available variables. The main aim of the paper is to determine to which degree the data sets can be used to answer the questions raised by the K&K project and on childlessness and large families in general. The authors come to the conclusion that while the examined datasets can be used to cover some of these questions, no dataset fulfills all desired criteria.

URN: urn:nbn:de:bib-wp-2015-041

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